Keyhole Heart Clinic

Keyhole Heart Clinic

I shot a set of images for The Harley Street Clinic, Keyhole Heart Clinic, working for Atticus Creative with creative direction from Sean Cornell. The aim was to get a set of images giving an idea of how the team works and the patient’s journey.


Balancing the light from the LCD screens with flash required using  a grid on the softbox. The grid stopped any light spilling on to the LCD screens, whilst retaining the softness of the modifier, with the light also bouncing back up from the table, acting like a reflector. I further separated the screen and consultants by using a tungsten, warm up filter on the flash, adjusting the white balance and therefore making the background cooler. Tungsten lighting can give a more natural feel, especially if used sparingly and mixed with other light sources and colour temperatures. What we see in reality is usually a mix of different lighting, especially indoors with window light, table lamps, TV and monitors etc. So, by mixing light sources with different colour temperatures, it helps create a more natural environment that lends itself to a documentary and reportage style of photography.


Agency: Atticus Creative


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