Kings College Hospital Dubai | Campaign

Kings College Hospital Dubai | Campaign

Planning, development, shooting, retouching and compositing.  Large file preparation for a 50 metre bill board / hoarding. Campaigns in Dubai, UAE and London. Channels include newspaper, magazine, large hoarding, digital billboard and web.

Client: Kings College Hospital Dubai

Agency : Atticus Creative

Kings College Dubai Campaign

Kings College Dubai Campaign, newspaper advert

Shot over two days in Centrestage Studios with further pickup’s at The Brighton Studio, forming part of a larger campaign to follow.

Using high frame rate flash photography, each characters walk was shot individually, so that when final composite was constructed the movement would flow seamlessly between characters. The movements were shot as multiple frames, using Profoto D2 flashes, enabling high resolution images with fast frame rates of around five frames per second.

GIF Kings College Dubai Campaign, composite of flash fire rate, Profoto D2


Commercial photographer based in Lewes, East Sussex, producing healthcare, lifestyle and headshot photography, with over a decade of experience working with brands and agencies.

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