Paul Aquilina

Paul Aquilina

I recently shot some images for Paul Aquilina, web builder. The aim was to shoot some images on a simple background and extendable space that could have text placed on top, with the option of adding any texture later on.

Lighting people with hats

With the downlighting flagged by the hat, it requires a balance of downlighting/uplighting, in this case with some reflectors underneath as well. Most of the time, it”s important to have some catchlights in the eyes as they can effect the tone of a portrait and bring a person to life.  Anime always adds huge catchlights to the the characters, though I think Disney got there first. They both tend to put them 45 degrees up in the top left/right of the eye. As a rule, downlighting, or lighting from above, should always be the stronger if you”re looking to get a natural feel to the lighting. This is what happens in nature with the sky being the strongest light source above us, so it feels right. The human eye knows there”s something afoot when lighting is stronger from below than above.

Client: Paul Aquilina



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